Maegan is on a mission to give you the tools you need to unlock lasting changes to personal, social, professional, and home wellness. Luminare Life’s vision is to create a world where people of all ages and life stages are living healthy, joyful, balanced lives so they can shine their inner light and leave a positive impact on themselves and others.

Maegan helps overwhelmed women like you ditch their stress, so they can rediscover the balance, calm, and joy they deserve. 

 With your true desires and prioritize health and wellbeing. 

Your home or work environments to achieve productivity, organization and harmony.

And strengthen relationships with
family and friends. 

Discover how you can positively impact the lives of others when you experience a life of balance, calm and joy.

Let’s be real. Stress and overwhelm can steal the joy out of life. In fact, this was my reality for several years. As a child and young adult, my experiences shaped me to mature quickly. Whether it was coping with a parent’s addiction, working full-time while going to college part-time for 7 years to earn a bachelor’s degree, experiencing divorce at 26-years-old, or landing a demanding career as a corporate communicator, I have felt the pain that comes along with barely being able to hang on from one day to the next.

By my mid-20s to early-30s I suffered from chronic burnout. What I struggled with the most was not being able to show up authentically for my family and friends and feel my best when they needed me to be present. What I desired was to be my best self as a mother, wife, sister, friend, employee, and volunteer who lived each day with energy, enthusiasm, and vigor. Through my trials, I found my purpose. I’d love to work with you so I can help you discover how to combat your stress and reach a place of inner balance and clarity. 

Are you ready?

We all live with stress! But that doesn’t mean it should overpower our lives. With Luminare Life, you will learn to combat your stress with custom coaching tailored to your unique stress points. Begin your journey by booking your complimentary Ditch-Your-Stress breakthrough session.