The Process

During the 75-minute session, we focus on 1 concern of your choice helping you shift from overwhelm to balance and harmony.



You will receive a customized action plan based on your unique goals within
7 days of the initial session.

During the follow-up session, we will check-in and discuss your customized action plan. 


- Aligning with your true self in motherhood
- Preparing your postpartum mindset and
   managing new stressors
- Building your village of support
- Implementing systems to simplify life
- Going back to work
- Staying-at-home
- Time management and prioritization
- Establishing boundaries
- Living in the present moment
- Living your life dreams
- Establishing healthy habits 
- Taking time for yourself / Self-care

Choose from 1 of the following topics to cover during your session.

- Self-confidence
- Developing friendships
- Overcoming feelings of isolation
- Improving sleep quality
- Discovering clarity, purpose and direction
- Strategies for more calm and less frustration
- Decluttering and organization
- Increasing energy
- Stress management
- Overcoming self-sabotage
- Growing your patience
- Connecting with your partner