January 11, 2022

My Story: Overcoming Chronic Stress (Part 1)


My name is Maegan Turner, wellness entrepreneur and owner of Luminare Life. I am dedicated to helping clients ditch their high-stress lifestyle and reignite their inner light, because everyone deserves a chance to experience a life of freedom, balance, and joy.

At Luminare Life, we believe that when you’re grounded and at peace with your inner self, you illuminate a light that touches everyone around you.

Let’s be real. A stress-free life is unrealistic. We all encounter stressful situations on occasion.

For some of us, we may live life feeling out of balance, depleted and even forced to smile when we don’t feel like ourselves. Prolonged stress may leave us feeling exhausted – both mentally and physically – zapping joy from careers, friendships and family connections. In fact, this was my reality for several years

As a child and young adult, my experiences shaped me to mature quickly. Whether it was coping with a parent’s drug addiction, working full-time while going to college part-time for 7 years to earn a bachelor’s degree, experiencing divorce at 26-years-old, or landing a demanding career as a corporate communicator, I have felt the pain that comes along with being able to barely hang on from one day to the next.

By my mid-20s to early-30s I suffered from chronic burnout. Symptoms included migraines that hospitalized me, anxiety, depression, muscle tension, sleep problems and difficulty concentrating.

What I struggled with the most was not being able to show up authentically for my family and friends and feel my best when they needed me to be present. What I desired was to be my best self as a mother, wife, sister, friend, employee, and volunteer who lived each day with energy, enthusiasm, and vigor.

Do you feel like this too, friend? Well, stay tuned to my next blog post, because I’m sharing the three important lessons I learned during my journey to overcoming burnout. 

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