With your true desires and prioritize health and wellbeing. 

Your home or work environments to achieve productivity, organization and harmony.

And strengthen relationships
with family, friends and colleagues.

Discover how you can positively impact the lives of others when you experience a life of balance, calm and joy.

Learn to make yourself a priority amidst your busy life through private coaching. Choose from 2 private coaching package options.

Luminare Life brings a unique approach to helping you shine a light on the things that matter most in life. Our resources guide you through a process of discovery, healing, and growth using our 4-pillar approach.

Our Process

No two people experience stress in the same way. That’s why I offer a free Ditch-Your-Stress session to pinpoint your unique stress points.



By the end of our time together, you will be well on your way to living a life of less stress, one where work, life, and family live in harmony.


Once we’ve uncovered what’s causing you stress, we work through your custom plan to manage your stressors. You will have 1:1 coaching with me, and we will work through each step together.

Hi! I’m Maegan.

I am the founder of Luminare Life, a health and wellness company dedicated to helping clients like you ditch the stress brought on by your busy life. As a professional certified life and health coach, my goal is to help you reignite your inner light so you can live a life of balance, freedom and joy. 

It’s my belief that when you feel grounded and at peace with your inner self, you illuminate a light that positively impacts yourself and the people around you.

5 Recipes to
Simplify Dinnertime

Grab these delicious meal ideas with 10 ingredients or less to save you time during a busy week.

A Life with Stress

Strained Relationships

Unhealthy Eating Habits and Digestive Issues

Trouble Sleeping

Trouble Focusing

Short Temper

Low Energy and Burnout

You deserve a life of joy and harmony! Don’t settle for a life of overwhelm, stress and burnout. With the help of Luminare Life, you can achieve balance.

Lack of Exercise

Maybe you’ve been wanting to quit your 9-5 and build your dream business, or maybe you want to take a vacation to place you’ve never been, or maybe you just want to start living a life you love. Whatever it is, it’s possible to achieve! To kickstart your year and to help you bring your dreams to reality, I’m gifting you my 2023 Powerful Intention & Goal Setting Planner

Cast Your 2023 Vision

If you’re stubborn like me and you like to do “all the things” on your own, asking for help can be difficult. The truth is, building your village of support and receiving help is essential no matter what stage of motherhood you are in. 

Here’s How to Make Asking for Help So Damn Easy

"I came to coaching to better handle and overcome my stressful and anxious thoughts. I have learned it is a series of small steps that will get me there. I recommend Luminare Life, because Maegan's coaching style is full of compassion, warmth, accountability, and she creates a safe space where you truly feel like you are talking to a best friend."

We all live with stress! But that doesn’t mean it should overpower our lives.

With Luminare Life, you will learn to combat your stress with custom coaching tailored to your unique stress points. Begin your journey by booking your complimentary Ditch-Your-Stress breakthrough session.

Trust me! You are not alone.